Gallipoli 2015 – the centenary of the Anzac landings in 1915…


The experience of attending Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli is unlike Anzac Day commemorations elsewhere, and will be particularly different this year, the centenary of the ANZAC (Australia and New Zealand Army Corps) landings at Gallipoli.

What will happen at Gallipoli on Anzac Day?

All visitors to the Anzac Day commemorations at Gallipoli will go through multiple attendance pass (ticket) scanning points and security screening processes. Details are available in the information booklet that will accompany your attendance passes and in an additional information booklet that will be provided when you arrive at Gallipoli.

Prior to arriving at the Gallipoli Peninsula, all visitors should have their belongings for overnight packed in a separate day-pack or carry bag ready to disembark at the Kabatepe Ottopark. Visitors should ensure they do no have any prohibited items in their carry bag. Visitors should also have their attendance pass and passport on their person ready for validation.

It is important to note that all visitors arriving on the Gallipoli Peninsula must go to the first ‘check point’ at Akbaş (9km north of the Kilye Koyu junction), for attendance pass validation and coach registration.

All visitors must make sure that they arrive at Akbaş by 1.30am on 25 April, at the latest.  Arriving at Akbaş by 1.30am will ensure you have enough time for the registration and validation process at Akbaş, then to travel across the peninsula, disembark your bus or coach at Kabatepe and move through all further check points before entering the Anzac Commemorative Site.

The road to the Anzac Commemorative Site closes strictly at 3am and no late arrivals will be permitted under any circumstances.

Once leaving Akbaş, individuals will travel by bus as far as the Kabatepe Otopark at which point all individuals with valid attendance passes will alight from buses and move to a holding point in Mimoza Park. Individuals may choose to walk from Mimoza Park to the Anzac Commemorative Site, a distance of 3.4 kms or transfer via shuttle if assisted mobility it required.

They will overnight at the Anzac Commemorative Site. After the Dawn Service, individuals will need to walk 3.1km up the unsealed Artillery Track. Those attending the Australian Service will stay at Lone Pine, while New Zealanders will continue a further 3.3km uphill along a bitumen road to Chunuk Bair. After the services finish, those who attended the Australian Service will be uplifted by bus at Lone Pine while those who attended the New Zealand Service will be uplifted at Chunuk Bair. All buses will then depart the Anzac commemorative area. Given the number of buses (approximately 300), you may need to wait several hours before your bus departs the Peninsula.

What conditions can I expect at Gallipoli on Anzac Day?

New Zealanders planning on attending these services need to be aware they are held in the Gallipoli Historical National Park, which has no permanent infrastructure or shelter. You will be exposed to the elements for between 12 and 24 hours (including overnight). You need to be prepared for and able to tolerate extremes of weather: it can get extremely cold overnight (below 0 degrees Celsius) but very hot and sunny during the day. Rain and very cold wind are possible at this time of year, as is unseasonal heat.

The distances you will need to walk mean you need a moderate level of fitness. You need to be confident you can walk 8km up a steep hill on uneven dirt tracks. You will also need to stand for long periods at times, including in queues for security screening.

Limited basic facilities like portable toilets, lighting and non-drinking water are brought in to the commemorative sites for the Anzac Day commemorations. Seating is extremely limited at all services and there is no allocated seating.


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