Sandy spreads joy in earthquake city Christchurch riding her bike with a woolly roadcone hat…

Sandy’s amusing bike ride in downtown Christchurch:

Sandy Turner


TRAFFIC FUN: Sandy Turner has made a woolly roadcone hat to amuse commuters and spread joy.

Sandy Turner wanted to cheer up commuters so she did what any sane Cantabrian would and crocheted a roadcone helmet.

Orange-and-white cones are an enduring sight for city road-users but most will not have seen one made of wool atop a cyclist’s head.

Turner, a numeracy and literacy tutor who also volunteers as a clown doctor, said the idea came after seeing a phrase in a poster for Health Christchurch’s All Right campaign.

“It said something like, ‘It’s all right if you’re feeling stoked’. Well, I’m coping pretty well right now but it hasn’t always been like that,” she said. “I had some energy and enthusiasm so I wanted to share it. I started wondering how to bring a bit of humour to people driving through those awful traffic jams.”

Turner cycles most days from her Addington home through the central city to the YMCA on Hereford St.

She tested a prototype but it looked more like an orange mushroom.

Read more here:   View Video:


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