Hanging Out with Pete (2) – Sepp Blatter’s 16 controversial quotes and other facts…


2015 - 1


!/ A xylophone is what type of musical instrument?

2/ Byblos and Tyre are port cities in which Middle Eastern country?

3/ The traditional dish called goulash originated in which country?

4/ What city was burned in the Great Fire of 1666?

5/Seen from Earth, which is the brightest of any star?

Answers on Sunday:


‘Did you Know?”


For a role, an actor might have to gain or lose a lot of weight, and it could at times be quite unhealthy. For example Christian Bale, 183 cm tall, dropped to 55kg to play the role of an insomniac in “The  Machinist”.  He lost 28 kg by eating fewer than 500 calaries a day.

Egg Dish:

In Chinese cuisine there is a delicacy called the 100 – year egg. Such an egg is not a 100 years old, but rather several weeks or months old. The duck, chicken or quail eggs that are used are preserved using a special recipe to bring out interesting flavours.




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