White pigeon accused of fowl play in India…


The principal suspect (YouTube)

The principal suspect (YouTube

A white pigeon is being held in India on suspicion of being a spy.

The bird is thought to have travelled from Pakistan earlier this week and was discovered by a 14-year-old boy in the Indian village of Pathankot – 4km from the Pakistan border.

The winged suspect was handed over to police who discovered a message in the Urdu language and numbers authorities believe were part of a landline phone number in a Pakistan district.

Puzzled police sent the pigeon for X-rays in an effort to find out more but “nothing adverse was found”, Pathankot Senior Superintendent of police Rakesh Kaushal told the Times of India.

Supt Kaushal called the area where the bird was found “sensitive”, as it is close to Jammu where infiltration is common.

Since the avian messenger was apprehended while an inter-state security was taking place among Punjab police, authorities made a diary entry classifying the bird as a ‘suspected spy’ and notifying intelligence agencies.

Arresting birds is not a new thing – in 2008, Iranian authorities arrested two pigeons for allegedly spying on a nuclear facility while a stork was detained in Egypt in 2013 on espionage charges.

Acknowledgements:  3 News

Read more: http://www.3news.co.nz/world/pigeon-arrested-on-spy-charges-2015053114#ixzz3bnE1JuQX


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