The secret history of WW2 in New Zealand…

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Special times required special measures. New Zealand feared possible invasion by Japan:

(This was originally written in 1974 and published in the Canterbury University student paper, Canta, which Murray edited at the time. We thank him for his permission to run it here; in a few days time we’ll be putting up another 1974 piece by Murray about Labour’s reintroduction of peacetime conscription in 1949 and the campaign against it. While we wouldn’t write the same opening sentences about ‘grand exploits’ etc, we haven’t cut them because they relate to common views of NZ’s role in the war and the second paragraph doesn’t make sense without them. Also, we feel that this is a very important historical article, and deserves to be re-published in full.)

New Zealand’s grand exploits during World War II are well-known. NZ servicemen fought with distinction in all the main war zones, and the cost…

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