Checking out Christchurch’s rebuild through stunning aerial panoramas…


  • Christchurch's innovation precinct. (Source: Rebuild Christchurch)
    Christchurch’s innovation precinct. – Source: Rebuild Christchurch

Everyone can now follow Christchurch’s rebuild thanks to a series of interactive, 360 degree aerial panoramas of the city.

Rebuild Christchurch has highlighted the significant change that Christchurch is undergoing through 24 images taken by a drone.

Each interactive panorama features a different location showing a post-earthquake Christchurch, with a focus on the CBD, the Residential Red Zone, the port of Lyttelton and scenic areas around the city.

“Viewing regular updates from the air enables us to see the gradual rebirth through the rebuild,” Rebuild Christchurch founder Deon Swiggs said.

“As our city changes we will update the images and it will act as a visual timeline of the progression the city experiences throughout the rebuild,” he said.

Check the panoramas out here.


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