A new family has moved into No 13…



Christchurch (Photo credit: Hari L Ratan)

We have been turning around in that cul de sac, or as we call it the grove, for a number of weeks now.  Its six weeks tomorrow since my daughter and her two younger sons  left for their new life in Christchurch, over 200 miles south of here inLower Hutt, Wellington.

But earlier this week we noticed another family was moving in to live in that nice house at No 13 Norris Grove. I actually called in a couple of days ago to introduce myself and ask  the new tenants to drop any of our mail into No 17. She is a young mother and had a little one with her. I’m sure she walked past our place, but on the other side of the street, yesterday. She had three children and a teenage girl with her as well.

We are in daily contact with our daughter, and speak to the boys occasionally as well. Our 12 year old grandson, Tangaroa,  is coming up to spend Christmas with us all. My daughter and her younger boy will be coming up after Christmas, to spend time and share her mother’s 70th birthday.

So its a case of some people moving out and others moving in. My daughter and her boys are settling into their new home   and the boys into their schools. The weather has been pretty warm down in Christchurch, and can be very cold too. I warned them that there can be extremes in the weather and the temperatures. Been quite warm up here too, but doesn’t get so cold as down south.


Lower Hutt in New Zealand. Looking eastwards f...

Lower Hutt in New Zealand. Looking eastwards from a flight to Auckland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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