Old favourites Licorice Allsorts lollies to be taken off the market

Kiwi consumers angry:
Licorice Allsorts (Source: Twitter)

Licorice Allsorts – Source: Twitter

New Zealanders may soon be hard pressed to get their hands on a favourite British lolly, Licorice Allsorts.

Australian and New Zealand company Pascall are reportedly discontinuing its production of the sweets, after customer demand dropped.

“To meet changing consumer preferences we regularly review, introduce new products and remove those that consumers aren’t buying,” Julian Polachek, a spokesman for Mondelez which owns the Pascall brand, told Fairfax Media.

The sugar candy was first invented in 1899 by British company Bassett’s, which continue to sell its own version of the snack.

Kiwis have taken to social media to express their disappointment or jubilation, some blaming climate change, for the demise of Licorice Allsorts.


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