Rugby study finds no obvious health risks in playing the game of rugby…

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Playing rugby has no obvious link to long-term health issues according an independent Auckland study funded by World Rugby.

A World Rugby-funded study has failed to find definitive links between playing rugby and long-term health and welfare issues.

Findings from the independent 30-month study conducted by the Auckland University of Technology were released on Tuesday.

It researched the general health and brain function of 131 former elite rugby players, 281 former community players and 73 former non-contact sports participants.

The study found further research is required into player welfare after the results were compared. There was no obvious pattern found, with the groups performing differently in a variety of tests.

“It is therefore difficult to draw robust conclusions about the links between rugby and long-term cognitive health issues and highlights the need for further in-depth research,” a statement from World Rugby said.

“Concussion education, prevention, management and research…

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One thought on “Rugby study finds no obvious health risks in playing the game of rugby…

  1. Yes! An excellent bit of research……I’ve not suffered any long-term after effects…personally – apart from the obvious reminders of a few physical injuries….Never regretted playing rugby (Union)….;)


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