No way to treat a New Zealand citizen, Australia.

Kelvin Davis

Kelvin Davis MP. (NZ)

Kelvin posted on his Facebook page this evening, 30-10-2015

“Just been on the phone tonight to another detainee on Christmas Island. He’s been on the Island 3 months. He’s been in isolation all that time, locked up 23 hours a day. He was released into mainstream today. He was the one guy the Detention Centre refused to let me see last Friday. After hearing his story I can understand why.

The ERT (riot squad) stormed his cell some time back, threw him on the floor, zip tied his hands, lay a riot shield on him, twisting his legs to immobilise him, but went beyond what was necessary and snapped a ligament in his leg while they pummelled him.

When he finally got to see a doctor, he was given a medical certificate to say his ligament was snapped and he needed surgery. The ERT raided his cell soon after, took all his clothes and the paperwork. Now he doesn’t have that certificate/ proof any longer. When he asked for his clothes and the medical certificate, he was told they don’t know what happened to any of his things.

He was made to live in his undies and given dry cereal to eat with no utensils. He was hosed down with a fire hose and left in his wet undies. They cranked the air conditioning up so that he froze. He sat in the shower at night with the water on hot until it ran out, just to warm up.

He told of how they tried to force him into signing papers to send him back to NZ.

Soon after arriving on Christmas Island four Iranians hung themselves. He cut one down and put him in the recovery position then pushed the emergency alarm. The nurses arrived about an hour later and laughed at him. He hasn’t seen three of the Iranians since, he’s not sure whether they survived.

This is all happening in Australia folks.”


12 thoughts on “No way to treat a New Zealand citizen, Australia.

  1. I am a detainee from villawood took voluntary release because my mum has just over come cancer but still have to fight for my visa back I have
    Meet n.z woman and men through this process they have forforgotten what our past of unity as a Tasman nation and fellow men and women fought for I am a strong follower for the Maori battalion so much pride and respect / morales… this is totally wrong Australia I feel for my brothers and sisters over there I still want my privileges back in Australia to see my daughter….


  2. Why do you want to stay in Australia for ? Please go home to your beautiful country , also your kindhearted people , Please think about it …


  3. This is so wrong by any count or race, Kiwis if you get yourself into a position where you are detained and your best option is to be deported just go that is said with a heavy heart but you will be treated alot better back home because the penalty is that you are detained this other bullshit is totally wrong unecessary and hurts to read it.


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