Is the housing crisis class war?



What should happen to John Key if he ever visited a WINZ office.

This is social policy spawned by spite and cruelty. We are actively punishing those whose plight and poverty offends our egalitarian pretensions. We are a country with all the maturity of a day old can of coke, so caught up in the false illusion of speculative property wealth, National voters have become wilfully ignorant to the desperation of their fellow citizens.

We should be embarrassed at the utter failure of the market and end the denial that this isn’t a class war. When the Government says Housing NZ has to pay $118M dividend instead of building more state houses to keep it “disciplined”, we have lost all moral compass inside Government.

In the 1980’s Labour built 10,000 state houses.
In the 1990’s National sold 10,000.
In the 2000’s Labour built 10,000
Under Key  so far we are down 2000.

This is a class war.

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What the Left need now is a leader with the political courage to articulate that.

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