Work and Income offices may close if National is re-elected…


WINZ offices may shut in next budget

Hi Trailers. Below is some information I received from a friend who heard it from a friend. So it is second hand, but still important and worth knowing.

(Original posters name withheld)
1 hr · Wellington ·

By crikey someone had an interesting afternoon at a community meeting. This from a friend…
I have just returned from a meeting… a community meeting, and while there, a person who should know told me something disturbing.

The Government needed a precedent (read: excuse) and they found it after the Ashburton WINZ shootings. They immediately placed security guards in all WINZ offices… but soon (budget day?) they will announce they can no longer afford this security and will do away with it….

…along with, at the same time, closing most WINZ offices … if you need help or a benefit… you will have to apply online… if you want an appointment with one of the few offices left open, then expect long delays and everyone will be there. (example, from the top of my head… Greymouth residents will need to travel to Christchurch…)

This may not happen till after the next election, but this is just a heads up. The person who told me works high up in Internal Affairs and is a National party supporter… I’m guessing he didn’t know who I was….
Pete Says:   Pity they can’t get the name of Work and Income correct. Hasn’t been known as that since the early days of the last Labour -led government, who created a new ministry,the Ministry of Social Development. Work and income just being a service of the new ministry. What you say could be valid, because that’s what Housing NZ did. We will have to wait and see. If National gets their arse kicked, as they deserve, we won’t have to worry about it, will we?

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