The Untold Truth about the Australian election

Hutts Strange World

Not many have sympathy towards Australia these days. Sometimes they have been called Plastic Yanks…

Exposing the lies Australian Politicians tell us. Our freedoms are being eroded right under our noses. Our Australian politicians have betrayed us by removing Christmas Carolling & Christian Religious Education (CRE) from Victorian state public schools, and to add injury to insult, they have introduced radical sex education that promotes cross-dressing and transgender bathrooms to primary school students. If you didn’t know, it has already started in Victoria, without parents’ consultation. Find out the names of who’s doing it.


Penny Wong of the Labor party has promised to appoint an anti-discrimination commissioner to police our speech? Speech laws are nothing more than tools to silence opposition and censor disagreement. Speech laws are for tyrants. They create an atmosphere of fear and control, and clog up our congested…

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