The National Party’s 10 Dogmatic Commandments…

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“Printed in the Golden Bay Weekly this week: Letters to the Editor; by John Weston”

National Party’s 10 Dogmatic Commandments

And, Io, the profit Wan Kee, the Sino-American toady went up into the mountain of debt and farted for 40 days and 40 nights and came to the people bearing tablet (60gigs) and spoke in a supercilious manner to the people saying, “So the reality is, absolutely, that I give the these commandments from the Lord “high Dollar.”

  1. The dollar is the almighty God. Thou shall worship no other God but the dollar.
  2. The peasants are to be kept in a permanent state of servitude, poverty and homelessness.
  3. Climate change is immaterial and of no consequence, and no reference is to be made to it.
  4. Humanity and compassion are to be superseded by statistics
  5. A sense of infallibility must be maintained at all times.
  6. Megalomania of leaders to be developed to a high degree.
  7. All policies and decisions must be made with the votes of the next election in mind – not for the good nation or the environment.
  8. Inequality is to be developed and enhanced in favour of the rich.
  9. A sycophantic approach must be made to China to allow it to develop NZ as a pantry province.
  10. Sneering and arrogance will be practiced every morning in front of the mirror by ministers before going forth and defecating on people

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