Breaking news: Latest UMR internal poll shows National in political skyfall…


The latest UMR internal Polling has shown a massive drop in support for Key.

National – 41%

Labour/Greens – 45%

NZ First – 10%

The Labour Green split is Labour 33% and Greens 12%.

The greatest thing the Memorandum of Understanding has created is a changed perception of how the results must now be presented by the mainstream media. In NZ, Political Polls are reported on like sports results. Each month Labour would be 28% and National 47%, the perception is National is insurmountable.

Since the Memorandum of Understanding, the First Past the Post mainstream media have had to start reporting the results as MMP ones. This perception change now allows Opposition voters to see they can win.

Combine this with a Housing crisis that is nearing meltdown, a Government caught up in its own  sophistry and a flat footed media who now have to keep up with a 5th estate news media that is countering their narratives far more effectively than they can spin them.

National is in trouble, and watch how Judith Collins will move to eliminate Paula Bennett first and Key second as the reality of National’s policies finally catch up with John Key’s vacant aspiration.

Once these private internal polls start becoming reflected in the TVNZ and TV3 Polls, National will start to implode with a power struggle.


2 thoughts on “Breaking news: Latest UMR internal poll shows National in political skyfall…

  1. I’ve said for some time now, that the National coalition only has a majority of one or two seats at most.
    The smallest shift to the opposition and Labour/Green tactical voting in Ohariu, Coromandle, Auckland and Christchurch Central to name a few would soon unseat this mob!!


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