Revealed: The secret US Government plot to control your money now under way…

Hutts Strange World

“The information I want to send you could soon be classified ‘Top Secret’ by the U.S. government — and perhaps even banned for dissemination under the pretext of ‘national security.” — Larry Edelson

Larry Edelson

Hello. This is Larry Edelson.

Just three years ago, we all discovered that the U.S. government has been engaged in a top secret campaign of illegal surveillance that even George Orwell could not have imagined.

We learned that every phone call we make … every email we send … every credit card and bank transaction we undertake … is being recorded, logged and tracked.

And we quickly discovered that the government has been pushing the outside of the constitutional envelope when it comes to domestic surveillance.

Surveillance cameras are now everywhere. License plate readers track the movements of all our vehicles. DNA samples are being forcibly recorded.  Local police forces use Stingray scanners to track…

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