The ‘Satanic’ Agenda to microchip the population – Nano Girl, Dr Michelle Dickinson

Hutts Strange World

Australia is introducing the microchip to its population this year, the US probably next year, and if John Key is re-elected in 2017 NZ will have it in 2018. If you don’t get microchipped you will be out of the loop and won’t be able to function in a future society. Simple as that! 666 for sure!


(Photo Source – fair use – NanoGirl Michelle Dickinson – big on public discussions on her sex life, microchipping humans, and children’s educations). 

Nano Girl, Dr Michelle Dickinson was back on the Paul Henry show today pushing microchips for humans – straight out of the guide book of horrific ‘Satanic’ prophecies, and now normal discussion on breakfast radio/ tv in NZ.

Here is Nano Girl promoting “chips” for the human body, along with tattoos, alcohol and drugs – not to mention all the dangerous chemicals plastered on her face….an awesome influence…

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