Kiwi singer Lorde stuns needy family with a $10,000 donation…

© Provided by Bauer Media Pty LtdAuckland mother-of-three Devora Busch has been left stunned after receiving a hugely generous donation by singer Lorde.Devora’s daughter Rheegan, who has a non-identical twin sister, is severely autistic. When Woman’s Day sat down with Devora and her partner Richard Barry in May, the couple described Rhee as “a toddler trapped in the body of a 10-year-old girl”.

“As our 13-year-old son said, the sun shines on one side of Rhee’s brain – the other side is in the shadows,” Devora said.
Devora gave up her career as a primary school teacher to focus on the 24-hour-a-day job of caring for Rhee, who requires round-the-clock supervision.

Rhee is driven by a constant desire to escape and run, and has a life-threatening eating disorder, pica – an uncontrollable compulsion to consume non-food items.

“She’s at constant risk of death from choking or being poisoned,” says Devora.

“It’s hard to visit people and take Rhee places, so home is really important.”


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