“Zombie” drug creeping its way into NZ…

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A new wave of synthetic drug wreaking havoc in America is creeping its way to New Zealand. The drug, commonly known as Flakka or nicknamed Bath Salts because of its appearance, sends users into an uncontrollable psychotic frenzy.

Images on the internet of crazed drug users high on new substances sweep across America. Its hit Aussie and it’s reached New Zealand.

New Zealand Drug Foundation Executive Director Ross Bell says, “In fact, New Zealand had its first drug-related overdose death earlier this year so these drugs aren’t going to go away anytime soon, it’s very difficult for police to enforce these drugs.”

The modern drug market is filled with new chemicals, sometimes known as Flakka, Niff, Bath Salts or Zombie Drugs. Capsules that are being sold for as little as $15-$40.

Bell says, “Our border control people don’t know what to look for because often they’re not…

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