Hekia drew a line


The big shake-up in education has resulted in a big shakeup for Hekia Parata. She drew a line and refused to proceed in the manner set by John Key, Bill English, and Stephen Joyce. These three will be the drivers in whoever replaces her – that person will be a cypher.

Hekia couldn’t commit herself to the extreme hardline right education policies being prepared for 2017 election manifesto.

Those in education will recognise what is happening as the neoliberal tragedy-go-round: neoliberal polices imposed and of course failing because they are about meeting adult ideological needs, and of the worst kind of adults, neoliberal politicians – not about children’s needs in all their complexity – and that failure is blamed on schools which is then used to justify even more repressive neoliberal policies.

My information is she will step down over Christmas.

I gave her no quarter in my prediction of…

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