NZ Maori lawyer to help indigenous tribe in North Dakota protest against oil pipe-line…

Hutts Strange World

A NZ Māori lawyer is helping an indigenous tribe in North Dakota protesting against an oil pipeline being built over their sacred burial site.

Māori lawyer Kingi Snelgar is helping a  Sioux Tribe protest against a North Dakota oil pipeline.

Kingi Snelgar said he hoped to bring back to Aotearoa New Zealand what he had learned from the experience helping the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Photo: Supplied

Kingi Snelgar has just graduated from Harvard University and was working as a judge’s clerk in the US state of South Dakota when he heard that members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe needed legal assistance in their fight against an oil pipeline.

Mr Snelgar said there was a clash between protesters and security contractors at the construction site this week.

“Several people were bitten by dogs and pepper sprayed and there was certainly no violence from this side.”

“The area that was being dug up … was actually [the] burial ground and the company knew this before…

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