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Andrew Little, Labour Leader

Dear readers,

Right now, there are 74,000 young people across our country who aren’t in work, training or education. That’s such a waste of potential.

I believe in a New Zealand where every young person is given a fair shot at a good job and the chance to build a good life for themselves.

That’s why today at our Party Conference, I announced that a Labour Government will ensure that every young person not in work, training or education for six months will be given a six-month opportunity in a new jobs and training scheme.

We call it our Ready for Work programme, and it’s part of our plan to invest in our young people and our future. It’s about giving people hope and the chance to make the most of themselves.

But to help our young people live up to their full potential, we have to change the Government next year.

 Will you contribute $3 – or whatever you can – now and chip in to build our fund to change the Government? We can’t do it without your support.


The Ready for Work programme goes hand-in-hand with our policies for three-years-free post-school education, dole for apprenticeships, entrepreneur grants and modern, professional careers advice in our schools.

We’ll help these young people into work helping charities, on our conservation estate or for local authorities. Rather than being stuck on the dole, they’ll be paid and have access to a mentor to ensure they get the skills they need to move into employment.

Right now, the National Government is content to write these young people off and leave them on the scrap heap. It proves that more than ever, New Zealanders face a clear choice at the next election.

Will we choose a tired, out-of-touch National Party, who are wasting the opportunity to tackle these big problems facing our country?

Or will we choose to change the Government and elect Labour – with a plan to fix the housing crisis, invest in our young people and services, and make a real difference in people’s lives?

To ensure that voters know the choice they face, we have to get the word out about our plans. To do that, we need your help. Click here to chip in now.


Andrew Little
NZ Labour Leader

P.S. To read our full plan to invest in our young people, click here.


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