Defeatist attitude of ordinary kiwis could keep National in power…

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Sent to the Dompost minutes ago:

The defeatist attitude of many ordinary New Zealanders could keep the Key National government  in power when NZ and New Zealanders are hurting in ways I have never seen before. The country badly needs a change of government with new ideas and policies, not just an increase in social welfare benefits. A Labour-led government must be elected before every state house in the country, including the one in Christchurch that PM Key was brought up in are sold off to speculators.


4 thoughts on “Defeatist attitude of ordinary kiwis could keep National in power…

  1. Unfortunately Labour won’t fix things, they started the neo-liberal reforms that harmed our economy – and then they started on social engineering! How are they going to be any better than Key’s government? I think they only thing left for us is to reject them both and vote for the minor parties. That’s what I’ll be doing next election.


    1. We know who introduced Neoliberalism Lange and Douglas. It was the new religion introduced by Reagan and Thatcher. A total disaster with privatisation still going on with Key. You vote for whoever you wish. I will continue to support Little and Labour. Little is an old union man like myself. The only way key has tried to help poorer Kiwis to give them welfare and more welfare. Jobs have to be created. Full time reasonably well paid jobs that workers can support their families. Labour will recreate a state house building program from the past for the next 10-15 years. It will provide housing and thousands of jobs in the construction and servicing sectors.Yes, the PC has to stop. Changing the politics will be for those interested in doing such reform. Slow and not easy. But Neoliberalism is a dead duck. I’m 72 years old and have been fighting battles for decades.My interest is in making things easier for my grandchildren and great- grandchildren. NZ can start after 2017. Being a coalition government, it will change each trienium. The poor and disadvantaged are crying oud for real help. The working poor need wage increases and housing assistance. Those more well off need tax increases.


      1. You are preaching to the converted. Neo-liberalism and globalism have been a disaster for NZ. My only point is that both Labour and National have sold the country out. So if we keep on voting for them, what’s going to change? As you can probably see, I no longer believe in either party.


  2. It would take a long time to create a new party. Labour has to be used as a rump party at least to create a coalition next year. You personally may be able to have patience, but there are people hurting out there. National has to go – it is a neo-fascist party Labour can be controlled by a coalition.


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