The nightmare of the Cardno family in Taita, Lower Hutt, began with Karla’s disappearance…

Presented by Peter Petterson: Sad memories of that time.

Karla Cardno

The Cardno family‘s nightmare began on the evening of Friday 26th May 1989 when 13 year old Karla set off from home to go to  Lower Hutt‘s suburban Taita shopping centre. These shops were only a few blocks away and it was a journey she had made many times before. As time passed, Karla’s mother became concerned that she had not arrived home and went looking for her. As she came to the intersection of Churton Crescent and Taine Street, she found the bicycle Karla had been riding to the shops, and after checking the surrounding streets, she hurried home to phone the police about her daughter’s disappearance. More of this story below:

I lived, and still do, just around the corner from where the Cardno family lived then, and remember the time well. I had seen the girl from time to time and my children knew the family. Police had doorknocked  and had made a thorough search around the neighbourhood.. The family would have been out of their minds with Karla’s disappearance. We heard that she appeared to be in a distressed state at the Taita shops according to the owner of the local dairy, when I went their later. But by Sunday, 28th May, she was still missing”



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