Why a Military Base was set-up in Antarctica – Operation Deep Freeze


A message from Elana Freeland:

To understand what is being done to New Zealand, I believe New Zealanders need to know about Operation Deep Freeze and Antarctica. She goes on to say “The only thing I would correct immediately in this video is “God controls the weather” is no longer necessarily true.”

Please forgive the sermon you get through the video.


Published on Jan 22, 2017

Some maps do not show Antarctica or show it distorted. I noticed this while homeschooling my two children. I investigated and was surprised to learn:

1. Many nations, not just the United States, have established military bases on Antarctica.
2. There is fresh liquid water in some parts of Antarctica, and there is a warm oasis there, too.
3. There is an active volcano, called Mount Erebus.
4. There are vast deposits of coal on Antarctica, implying it was once a much warmer place, with plants and animals, which are the source of coal. Antarctica is now much colder than it once was. This shows that our planet has undergone the opposite of global warming.
5. Men used nuclear power on Antarctica, and leaked radioactive waste, which could have poisoned the land and the men that worked at the navy base

And more here:



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