Kiwis losing their faith in record numbers…

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ChristChurch Cathedral before the earthquakes. Broken faith?

Losing our religion: Kiwis losing the faith in record numbers. Could be fertile ground for alternative faiths?

Our so-called ‘God’s own’ country is fast becoming anything but.

A century ago New Zealand was one of most religious places on the planet, with the great majority of Kiwis, Pākehā and Māori alike, believing in some form of Christianity.

Fast forward a few generations and not only Christianity, but belief in any form of religion, has dissipated to the point where almost half of all Kiwis don’t associate with any religious belief at all.

Comparing the decline in religious belief over the past five national censuses shows just how accelerated non-belief has become since the 1990s.

So what’s behind the decline?

Massey University professor Peter Lineham has studied religious history in New Zealand for decades, and says today’s society does not value religious commitment, as…

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