Former SAS war hero killed in helicopter crash fighting Christchurch fires…

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‘A much loved member of our team’

Three investigations are under way into how a helicopter pilot and war hero died fighting a fire yesterday. Ex-SAS serviceman and Waimakariri local David Steven Askin, 38, died in a chopper crash near the Sugarloaf car park in the Port Hills just after 2pm.

He was pouring water on an inferno that had engulfed 600 hectares near Christchurch when the Squirrel chopper he was in went down. Askin died at the scene.

Police and the Civil Aviation Authority are investigating the crash. The Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TAIC) has announced it will also begin its own inquiry.

Police will examine the crash site today.

Before working as a commercial pilot, Askin, known to his mates as Steve, served with the 1st New Zealand Special Air Service Regiment in Afghanistan.

He was awarded the New Zealand Gallantry Star, the second-highest military…

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