Cadbury: Fight for every job

International Socialists

save cadbury jobsJoin the rally in the Octagon tomorrow at 11am, and spread the word. This protest, called by the Save Cadbury Community Action Group, is supported by E Tū, the union of Cadbury workers.

Amanda Banfield, Vice President for Mondelez in Australasia, claims closing Cadbury in Dunedin is about ‘its long term sustainability’. Try telling that to the over 350 workers threatened with losing their job. What ‘long term sustainability’ for them?

Cadbury’s closing would be devastating for Dunedin’s workers. The factory is one of the city’s largest employers, and another closure would be yet another blow against workers who are already finding secure jobs hard to come by. 90 jobs went when Hillside was closed in 2012; 430 when Fisher & Paykel closed its Mosgiel plant and 138 when the Burnside meatworks were shut in 2008…Cadbury’s can’t be next.

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