Is this the CLUB our SAS belongs to now?

english smiling
PM Bill English  and Finance Minister Steven Joyce think the situation is amusing?
Penny Bright 



“….On Feb. 12, NATO emailed a statement to reporters with the subject line, “Joint force operating in Gardez makes gruesome discovery.”

“Several insurgents engaged the joint force in a fire fight and were killed,” the statement read. “When the joint force entered the compound they conducted a thorough search of the area, and found the bodies of three women who had been tied up, gagged and killed. The bodies had been hidden in an adjacent room.”

Is THIS ‘the Club’ to which ‘OUR’ SAS now belongs?

What the hell were ‘OUR’ SAS doing in Afghanistan?

What did the people of Afghanistan ever do to the people of New Zealand?

How were ‘OUR’ SAS defending New Zealanders’ democratic rights and freedoms on the other side of the world, by attacking unarmed civilians, and killing a three year old little girl?

Does this make YOU proud to be a New Zealander?



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