Aussie, Aussie,Aussie, oi,oi,oi – too close to call…

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A general post for discussion of the Australian Election results as they come in tonight.  Will be updated with events.  Results should start to filter through after 8 pm local time when the booths close.  The opinion polls are neck and neck …

Update:  2 and a half hours in and the Liberals are looking rattled.  They are complaining that Labour told lies about Medicare and ran a frighten campaign.  Seats are Libs 61 Labour 60 Greens 1 and independents 4 …

Update 2:  When I went to sleep at about midnight the ABC was estimating the seat count at 73:67 with the Libs in front.  This morning it is 67 all …

Update 3: The Electoral Commision has ended the count for the time being, with Labor being called ahead in 72 seats, the Lib’s ahead in 67, Greens 1, and others 4.  7 seats are too close to call and a further 2 may change, including one where the Greens are neck and neck with Labor. Malcolm Turnbull gave a weird speech around midnight and has already faced a call for his resignation because of the 3% + swing against his coalition Government. Some Conservatives believe Tony Abbott would have done better.

More tomorrow!


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